12 Aug

The genesis

Before the voyage for the discussion on country radio commences, it is better to have a highlight of the features in country music. It all started within radio broadcasting to program the contents with this genre of music right back in the 1920s. At that time this genre of music was assumed to be related to the working whites of south and the eastern regions of America and also that of the cowboys of the western regions. In real speaking terms, the culture of this pattern of music was confined in those above noted territories only. The rendition of such music was held in association with stringed instruments like the banjo or the fiddle. The types of such music were the hillbilly or the bluegrass etc.

The evolution and the eventual success of country radio are associated with the airing of such music. It was made popular out of tremendous research and effort spent for rendering a mass appeal to it. It was popular to such an extent that even in certain noted radio networks the evening commute was devoted entirely to this pattern of music at one time! This is all due to the success of country radio. It became a cult at around one time.

The lingering with time
Since the early days of radio broadcasting, the listeners have been rewarded with wide options of experiencing radio broadcast. It has evolved from being once the AM dominated system to the now very popular variants of car radio, digital radio, FM radio, web radio, satellite radio
The radio world has seen the transformation in the variety of contents provided from the days of mainly entertainment based program to the musical sessions interspersed with news. The pattern of broadcasting has also changed with the occurrence of various events like the Great Depression of the 1930s, World War II etc.
With the advent of the FM radio, many of the country radio stations gradually switched from the AM format to the FM one.

But that particular folk and country music appeal of this variant of radio programming never lost their sheen. It survived through the ages. It also bids fare to survive the future events and linger successfully in the coming ages as well.
Nowadays the talented budding artistes shoot to fame with the country radio as the spring board. It has drawn many of the glitterati attention. Many celebrities were potted first on the country radio only. These stations nowadays feature in fund raising and philanthropic activities. They arrange country music summits. Their success story will continue.

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