21 Mar

The evolution

The radio broadcasting technology and the broadcasting proper—have seen sea changes over the years starting from the 1920s. Gone are the days of popularity of the AM stations and probably the world might move to the direction of the satellite radio transmission which is presently in the direct transmission stage from sender to home. We have also seen Internet radio and also web radio. So almost each day, listeners can have options for experiencing new formats of radio broadcasting. But one genre still popular not only here but in many parts of the world is the country radio.

Meanwhile, the FM technology has gained immense popularity due to the clear reception of the transmission. Country radio which was initially built and transmitted out of AM broadcasting service – gradually also moved to the FM stations’ way of sending the signals.

Country Music

The concept of country radio primarily evolved from the need to transmit the popular southern and eastern American folk songs mainly sung by the white working community – with the help of stringed instruments like the banjo or which were of the genre blue grass or hillbilly etc. The country radio stations also used to broadcast the popular songs of the cowboys of western America.
These country radio stations also showcase local country music and often arrange for summits for country music performers. The popularity of this radio program is in no way less than the western music program aired by the other channels of repute.

Sometimes it is found that there are certain country radio channels that air gospels and sermons – elated to the divine messages and those of reputed preachers. But, in this case, it is worthy to e also mentioned that there have been instances when some of these kind of channels had to permanently go off the air owing to scarcity in funds – resulting from the dearth of critical mass of listeners.
In the modern world the concept of country radio is not limited only to this part of the world but has spread to different corners like Australia, Canada and Scotland etc.
Even in this era of myriad choices in the entertainment world, there are compositions which evolve keeping in mind only the country radio. This is something which demands real attentions. It shows the huge popularity that this variant of radio listening still enjoys.

Some of the Country radio stations also feature in various humanitarian projects. It arranges for consortiums which lead to fund raising for many or rather numerous educational institutions – targeting the final outcome of spread of benevolent activities by these aforesaid beneficiaries.
Without taking the respective names, it might be easily mentioned that some of the celebrity music entertainers and singers of the contemporary world who have met with roaring success in their careers, have risen to popularity after starting from a scratch from these country stations. It is thus a springboard for many a budding artist and the programmers and program designers along with the creative heads at these country radio stations are renowned to spot genuine talent at the right time.

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