An old obsolete device

28 Apr


The radio has now become an obsolete device but some people still like sue to get entertained.


The radio was invented by an Indian scientist named Jagadish Ch. Bose was a brilliant man who did lots of research on various topics such as resonance and vibration of musical instruments .He was a genius of his times who got his due recognition only after his death. The radio was purely his idea which was very shamelessly copied and stolen by a British scientist named Marconi who borrowed the idea from Jagadish Ch. Bose’s research papers and launched it in England in 1920.Marconi was widely believed to be the inventor of the Radio but due to the effort of an Indian journalist this lie was brought out in the public domain through the help of a newspaper who published and challenged Marconi’s false claim over the invention of the radio. This particular piece of startling news left the entire world of scientist in utter misbelieves because a thing like simply copying someone else’s work was unheard of until then. The Radio is typically made up of many complex small electrical devices such as capacitors, resistors and conductors and other complex circuits. The Radio is made up a steel and aluminum body which makes it very durable and also ling lasting as it is very expensive and bulky. The Country radio is a form of radio service which offers to its all listeners many genres of music which is not available on other service providers. Country radio is a unique service which makes it very special for its listeners to enjoy the melody .Country radio has been giving a superb quality of service to its listeners who truly like the songs which are played on the channel nonstop twenty four hours a day and three sixty five days in a year.

The service

Country radio is such a super service that many large companies have been in talks with the major shareholders in Country radio on possibility of launching a joint venture set up to popular the use and name of the brand Country radio. The service is very useful because it offers nonstop service to its listeners who enjoy free and completely uninterrupted service continuously whenever and wherever they want to. Country radio was founded by three engineers who found great interest in launching a radio service which could offer good quality music to its listeners and also make good money as there are not much competitors in this very business domain but there are a few dedicated listeners who are quite loyal in listening to the songs which are played on Country radio. Many such listeners call into the office of Country radio to request to play their favorite songs which they love to listen to over and over again. In this way Country radio has been able to achieve a fair amount of customer satisfaction which has helped their brand to grow immensely and also build a very strong reputation the market space and also help their revenue to increase. This unique idea has helped this company to do massive amount of marketing via the medium of phone which is so very much in use these days and also very affordable. This is very essential for a business of this particular nature because it is completely dependent on the rating and regularity of the listeners who are very loyal to them. This makes the entire service a very special one which does not involve any sort of direct marketing methods which are largely adopted by many such companies which work in this specific space which makes them special and unique. All in all one could say that this is a wonderful and super service to look forward to and also enjoy.

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